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On May 24, 1927, The Grande Albergo delle Rose – Italian, “Grand Hotel of Roses” – so named thanks to the surrounding rose garden – first opened its doors.

Throughout the years, royalty, statesmen and other prominent international figures have walked in that impressive and Historical hotel.

Prime Ministers, Kings, and very famous Personalities of 20th Century, such us Aristotle Onassis, the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and the Israeli Minister of Defence Moshe Dayan.
Its great historic importance, most significantly the 1948 signing of the foundation of the State of Israel.

A view to the Glorious past ….

In 1924, the Italian Governor Mario Lago commissioned the famous Venetian construction company Sagar to design the deluxe hotel. The architectural trend of that period was a combination of the 4 civilizations “passed” from the island. Byzantine, Arabian, Ottoman & Venetian Architecture and the fusion was applied to Rhodes’ New hotel.

Construction began on March 1925, and a little over 2 years later the hotel opened its gates. The opening ceremony was an international celebration, in the presence of local authorities and prominent personalities from Italy and Egypt attracted extensive public attention.

Aside from luxury furnishings to make even the most demanding member of international aristocracy feel at home, the hotel also housed a casino that attracted wealthy gamblers from across the world to try their luck in Rhodes’ famously pleasant climate. The hotel came to be known as the “Dream of the East” among the affluent travelers of the day.

In 1936, seven years after it first opened its doors, the new governor of the Dodecanese, Cesare Maria de Vecchi was not fond of the architectural design that his predecessor had applied across the town, and demanded that all buildings immediately be renovated.
Inevitably, this also applied to the Grande Albergo delle Rose, which underwent minor refurbishment. A more modest and simple line known as “rurale” was applied, and the building took a form similar to that of the present day.

In 1948 the Dodecanese islands became Greek and the Grande Albergo delle Rose was used for the requirements of the first Greek authorities.

But in 1955, its administration was handed over to the Greek state’s Hotel Company Astir S.A
However in late 70s the hotel closed its doors after half a century of operation.
Less than three decades later, in early 1999, a major renovations has started for giving again to the building, its old flavor, the glamour and the outstanding unique beauty

In 2002 the hotel and casino once again opened their doors offering luxury stays at the top maybe location of the City center and the island’s grandest landmarks.

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