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The City of Rhodes

The Old Town of Rhodes is considered one of the most beautiful in all of Greece, smelling of leather, spices and coffee – of the Orient. Even the architecture reminds places of the bazaars of the Far East. The domes of the mosques and the slender minarets, bear witness to Turkish rule. The magnificent buildings of the knights, such as the mighty Grand Master’s Palace, are even more impressive. An unbelievable variety of shops, tavernas and cafes have established themselves there, with holidaymakers from all over the world, bringing life to the old streets. The most beautiful view over the city and the Mandraki harbor is offered by a walk on the old city wall. There is a picturesque labyrinth of alleys, lined with beautiful inner courtyards, mosques next to chapels from the Byzantine era, as well as Turkish fountains and ruins of Gothic churches.

Or one can drive up to Monte Smith, past beautiful villas in tropical gardens, admiring the elegant Temple of Athena and the ancient stadium, while at the same time have all of Rhodes at their feet, the port, the beaches and all the Aegean blue Sea.

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