Virgin Pantanassa

The monasteries of Virgin Pantanassa in Soroni

the Archangel Michael in Tharri, Virgin Ipseni in Lardos, Virgin Paramythia in Afandou, Virgin in Skiadi, Virgin Faneromeni in Ixia, Virgin Mary in Filerimos and Agios Nektarios in Kryoneri, near Archipoli, are peaceful places of prayer.

The Monastery of Panagia Tsambika

The Monastery of Panagia Tsambika

Is one of the most famous on the island, standing on a hill above Tsambika beach, located about 25 km south of Rhodes Town, between Kolymbia and Archangelos. Its icon is considered miracle-working, with hundreds of worshipers flocking to pay their respects and pray for a miracle. The new monastery, which operates today, is found on the road connecting Archangelos to Rhodes Town.

Archangel-Michael in Tharri

The monastery of  Archangel Michael in Tharri

Is located within a very short distance from the village of Laerma. The idyllic, verdant landscape and the awe inspiring church of the Archangel, with its stunning murals, rightly render the monastery as one of the most popular religious tourism destinations in Rhodes.

Agios Georgios Monastery ( Chourmali mosque )

Agios Georgios Monastery ( Chourmali mosque )

is located on the western section of the Medieval Town on Apolloniou Street. The disposition of three wings of cells, the church on the perimeter and the yard in the middle, is a characteristic of the byzantine monastery architecture. The church has four recesses with a dome ( 14th – 15th c. ), built on top of an older post – byzantine church.
At the eastern part of the yard there’s an atrium dated from the 5th or 6th c.. This rare, in the Hellenic region, type, the construction’s high quality and the morphological elements of the local technique, are the characteristics that give great value to the monument, which is a sample of the Rhodian Knightly architecture. During restoration work, it was revealed that the entrance’s doorstep was an architectural part, showing Virgin Mary praying between two angels. Today the finding is exposed inside the church.
During the ottoman occupation the monastery was turned into a seminary ( Medrese ), given the name “Chourmali”, and the temple to a mosque. Later, it was operated as a girl’s school by the Ottomans and on the 20th c., it was transformed into houses for poor families.
The monastery was restored by the Italian Archaeological Service during the Italian occupation. The monastery received an honorary distinction from Europa Nostra in 2006.

Agios Nikolaos or Saint Augustine’s Monastery

Agios Nikolaos or Saint Augustine’s Monastery

was discovered recently and is located southwest of Omiros Street and can also be reached by Andronikos Street. It consists of the church and a yard on the north side, the main area of the temple on the northeast side and the cells on the east side. It is obvious that the monastery’s yard is located where the “Medieval Town Theater” is found. This monastery, from the order of Augustines, was one of the most important Catholic churches on Rhodes. Recent excavations brought to light an older, one-room church of the 14th c., which was probably the reason why Dragonino Clavelli added a chapel at the north side, in the 15th c., dedicated to Agios Nikolaos, which was used as a burial area for his family.
During World War II, a bomb destroyed half of the church and its surrounding area. Following its restoration, the church was used as a private home up until recently when the Archaeological Service of Rhodes took exclusive ownership of the building.

Agios Nektarios, Krioneri ( Archipolis )

The Monastery of Saint Nektarios of Kryoneri

is located on your way to Archipolis village, as you drive inland from Kolymbia.

In the place where the monastery stands today, a small chapel of gratitude to Saint Nektarios in 1966, was built by Kyriakos Kostomiris and his wife Despina, who believed that he miraculously treated their son, Tsampikos, suffering from poliomyelitis.

Saint Filimon ( Arnintha )

Saint Filimon ( Arnintha )

The Monastery of Agios Philemon is located in the southwest of the island, a few meters near the village of Arnitha.

moni Artamiti ( Saint Isidoros )

Saint John theologian of Artamitis is the name of the old monastery of Angel Michael of Artamitis ( 9 – 10th c. ) on the east side of the mountain of Rhodes called Attaviros. On the medieval era and on Byzantine empire it was a great and rich library and a copy center from the monks who lived there. A lot of script codes from the monastery today are on the island of Patmos. The Traveller Buondelmonti wrote for the monastery when he was on Rhodes ( 1412 – 1420 ). The monastery is on a style from the european architecture. Today you can find a priest who lived there.

Kalopetra Monastery

The Church of Virgin “Kalopetra” was build at the year of 1489. It is in the area of the valley of the butterflies between the villages of Psinthos and Tholos.

The church was rebuild from Dimitrios Ypsilantis at 1782 – 1784. In a marble you can read: 1784 ΑΛ: ΞΔ: ΥΨ: B.B.M: ΔΒ Ήτοι Αλλέξανδρος Υψηλάντης Βοϊβόδας Μολδαβίας.

Paramythia Monastery ( Afantou )

Paramythia Monastery, near Afantou Village

Located on a hill top near Afantou on the main Rhodes–Lindos national road.

Monastery in Skiadi

By two roads you can visit the monastery of Virgin of Skiadi, from west of the village Apollakia and from the east from the village of Mesanagros after Lahania village. On a good windy day you can see far away until Karpathos island. In the monastery you can see six cells, a kitchen and a small shop for souvenirs. Before the monastery at the same place it was an ancient greek temple of Artemis and you can see some ruins. a Kilometre away is the Askitario a place to stay the monks for praying. The icon of virgin Maria of Skiadi the legend says painted by Apostole Loukas. The first building for the church made at 1.200 AD. The church of today builded at the year of 1861 from prior Ignatios Zannetidis.

Holy Monastery of Panagia Ipseni

The PanagiaHoly Virgin ) Ipseni ( Gypseni = gypsum )  

monastery is situated in a forested area about 50 kilometers south of Rhodes Town.

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