Medical tourism in Rhodes

Medical tourism is a rising trend internationally. In Dodecanese islands on Rhodes one can meet most of the needs of this special form of tourism, providing guests with everything they need during their stay on the island. The favorable climate, the high level of medical services provided by private clinics and of course public health structures, are several of the reasons to choose Rhodes for medical tourism. It is noted that the island’s hotels have adapted to meet medical care requirements and needs of tourists, during their holidays, due to chronic health problems such as kidney patients.

Medical procedures that tourists tend to undergo during their holidays, is mostly plastic surgery such as face lifting, liposuction, rhinoplasty, as well as cosmetic dentistry, periodontal treatments, ophthalmology, etc. This type of medical procedures can be performed safely in Rhodes. Moreover, tourists can combine their holidays in Rhodes, with diagnostic tests in specialized diagnostic centers ( CT, MRI, etc. ). More specifically, some of the medical treatments one can perform on the island, are as follows:

• Orthopedic Treatments & Rehabilitation
Sophisticated orthopedic care is provided at top private clinics, offering a high quality alternative to industry – driven health care woes, that is affordable.

• Plastic – Cosmetic Surgery
Plastic surgery is a medical specialty, concerned with body form restorations or functions. It includes reconstruction surgery, which is performed to correct body or skin deformities, caused by burns or traumatic injuries.

• Assisted Reproductive Treatments
Reproductive tourism and outsourcing, is the practice of travelling abroad to undergo In – Vitro – Fertilization, surrogate pregnancy and other assisted reproductive treatments.

• Dental Services
Modern Dental – Medical Centers in Rhodes, offer a wide range of dental procedures and quality services, integrating all phases of dentistry, including implants, periodontal care, cosmetic dentistry and prosthetics.

• Renal Treatments
Rhodes hosts every year a significant number of renal patients who do not randomly choose the island, as they can find here a specialized modern renal center. Such a facility allows kidney patients who are in need of constant medical care, to enjoy their vacations safely.

Rhodes also operates a modern fully-equipped private clinic in which can be performed all medical or cosmetic treatments that require surgery.

As being the largest island of the Dodecanese, Rhodes has apparently a public hospital which operates under the Greek National Health System. The General Hospital of Rhodes boasts modern clinics of all specialties and equipment that can cover all needs, from hospitalization to emergencies. The national health system is also part of a network of health centers in Rhodes, which can be found in various parts of the island, providing basic medical care and first aid.

The health structures which can be found on the island, fully meet the needs of the residents, as well as those of the visitors. All of the above, make Rhodes a safe destination for everyone. It is not a coincidence that Rhodes is a destination, consciously chosen by the chronically ill and those who want to undergo medical procedures and spend their recovery phase in suitably prepared hotels, to safely enjoy their holidays.


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