Trekking in Rhodes

Rhodes, being the largest of the Dodecanese Island Group, at about 1398 sq. kilometers, is the ideal place for history and culture enthusiasts, nature lovers, activity seekers and happy travelers.

In the past, the trails of the island created a social and trading network between villages, being used for agriculture and livestock farming or leading to pilgrimage sites and places of religious devotion.

Nowadays, those same trails, offer alternative gateways on the island. Choose the ideal route for cycling, mountain bike, hiking and sea excursions and discover all kinds of different walking paths through mountains, forestry, areas of historical interest, places of natural beauty, wine producing areas, coastal walks etc. The island’s natural terrain and its unique environment offer exiting routes for trekking on remote areas leading to clear waters and forest roads.

People visiting Rhodes know everything about the beaches and a few, well known historical sights, which are probably amongst the best in Greece, but know nothing about the Island itself. Rhodes is so much more than luxury hotels, beaches and the local bars, with maybe a few day trips thrown in. Rhodes is the Holy Grail for trekking enthusiast, with jaw dropping views and discoveries in its every corner.

Take one of the trekking and hiking tours, organized by experienced and skilled guides you will find on the island, discover the unknown places of this magnificent corner of the earth and enjoy a deep cultural experience in an unspoiled piece of land, while merging with the breathtaking views, alternating between the deep blue of the Greek sky, the charming sand beaches and the crystal clear waters.

*You never have to travel far to get to the starting point of your walking route, thus, eliminating the need for long bus journeys.

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