Rhodes is the destination which remains in the heart of every child.

The numerous luxury hotels have facilities and equipment for various forms of children’s activities. The city has a lot of parks, beautiful beaches with sand and shallow blue and green waters, as well as the opportunity for any kind of athletic activity (water skiing, windsurfing, parasailing etc.) throughout the island. Create a picture of a dreamy family holiday!

Vacationing in Rhodes, young visitors have the opportunity to experience significant cultural experiences such as festivals, concerts, theaters, Medieval City tours, cultural and sporting events.

However, a visit at the Water Park, the Butterfly Valley, the Aquarium, the peacock Rodini Park and the Rhodian Deer Platoni, the Luna Park in Faliraki, the Aktaion with the open playground, the Democracy Park and plenty of other venues, enrich children’s activities by making the trip a memorable experience.

Rhodes provides a high quality tourism product, consisting of premium services, making it ideal for family holidays.

Featured attractions
Aquarium of Rhodes
Old Town
Rhodian House
Koskinou Preserved traditional settlement

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For nature lovers
Valley of the Butterflies
Rodini Park
The Bee museum
Donkeys in Lindos
The Esperia Company Natural Park, has artificial lakes, various species of animals and birds.

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Water activities
Water Park

Address: Faliraki, Rhodes 85100, Greece
Telephone: 0030 22410 84403
Fax: 0030 22410 84406
E-mail: info@water-park.gr

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Water Sports
Proposed activities for children organized by Rhodes Yacht Club.
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Amusement parks

Amusement Park Fantasy

Address: Faliraki, Rhodes 85100, Greece
Telephone: 0030 22410 84403
Fax: 0030 22410 84406
E-mail: info@water-park.gr

Theme Parks

Rhodes Ostrich Farm

It gives young visitors the opportunity to experience the wonderful world of the animal kingdom, hosting numerous rare birds and animals.

Address: Next to the Rhodes Butterfly Valley
Hours: 09:00 – 18:30

Telephone: +30 22410 81717, +30 6945 327142
Website: www.rhodos-info.de/rhodos-ostrich-park

Bowling Skypark Bowling

Address: Kalithea Avenue, Faliraki, Rhodes 85105(150 meters from Luna Park), Greece
Hours: 12:00 – 02:00
Telephone: +30 22410 87508, +30 6946 229 071
Website: www.skyparkbowlingfaliraki.gr
E-mail: skyparkbowlingfaliraki@gmail.com

Mini golf (18 halls)
Address: Kallithea Avenue, Faliraki, Rhodes 85105, Greece
Hours: 09:00 – 24.00
Telephone: +30 22410 87508, +30 6946 229 071
Website: www.skyparkbowlingfaliraki.gr
E-mail: skyparkbowlingfaliraki@gmail.com


Most of the beaches are suitable for children. We recommend Ladiko, Vlycha, Agathe, Faliraki with shallow waters.



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Go Karts

Three tracks operated Go-Karts in Rhodes: in Lardos and Tsairi.


  • Lardos: +30 22440 44510
  • Tsairi:  +30 22410 86531, +30 6944 478793


ABOUT THRONE of HELIOS – An awesome experience!

3D picture, sound, motion, rain, snow, wind, fire and even smells, placing the service of the senses and entertainment. The Throne of Helios offers a fantastic journey in mythology and the history of Rhodes. One of the best activities you can choose on your vacations, on the island.

The Throne of Helios is a modern entertainment center for family activities which combines a cinema hall, a thematic area, historical exhibits and screenings. It’s the best place to see and visit on your holidays in Rhodes with your family and children.

It is a unique combination of historical tradition and high technology, in the historic building of the old cinema of «St. George», the first cinema ever established in Rhodes, by the Italians in 1927. It’s located on 25th of March str. at the heart of the modern city, about 12 km from the airport and less than 3 km from the commercial port of Rhodes, and it is “a must do” for every visitor and tourist on the island.

49 modern leather thrones in the form of supercar type seats, placed on hydraulic bases and guided by a powerful computer, provide a realistic experience motion and navigation on a journey through space and time.

The Throne of Helios is an educational, yet fun “journey” that gives you and your family the opportunity to learn the history and the mythology of the island.

Capacity: 49 seats

Analysis video: Ultra HD

Total Sound Power: 3.000 Watt RMS

Special effects: moving seats, smoke dry ice, wind, rain, snow


The Throne of Helios  

The creators of the Throne of Helios, have prepared a spectacular entertainment and educational production, inspired by the Ancient Greek Sun God, Helios (thus the name of the leisure center), the ancient Greek mythology and legends, the traditions of Rhodes and its history. The result is a breathtaking, as well as an educational experience for all to have, regardless of age. Children, teenagers and parents will have an amazing time at the hall of the Throne of Helios.

Viewers, after fastening their seatbelts and putting on their special 3D glasses, are transferred into a realistic environment of an era long gone, following the Chariot of the ancient Greek Sun God, Helios, Apollo, Zeus and the other ancient Greek gods, the Colossus of Rhodes, the Knights Hospitaller of the order of St. John of Jerusalem, the Ottoman fleet led by Suleiman the Magnificent, the earthquake that shook the ancient world, are all parts of this beautiful and adventurous 9d journey of the Throne of Helios. It is one of the best tourist attractions in Rhodes, which will leave you with an expression of satisfaction, excitement and joy and it will create amazing memories to take back home.

Feel the experience at the best 9D cinema of Rhodes!

25th of March str., Rhodes (next to Starbucks), tel +30 22410 76850, info@throneofhelios.com, www.throneofhelios.com 

Hipparchos Observatory of Rhodes
Our idea is astro-tourism.
The scenic location that the “Hipparchos” Οbservatory is housed, offers its guests the privilege of tranquility close to nature and breathtaking scenery.
The guests have the opportunity to live the experience of observational Astronomy, using the “Hipparchus” observatory instruments, observing the moon, planets, nebulae, galaxies, and many other astronomical objects of the starry sky. Made with care, in our star-garden, the guests can observe uranography, or even find out how a live sundial works and see a static geographical compass orientation, and so much more…

(Private exhibition “Museum” of Mr. Spyros Katsouris)

Located 7 Km south of Rhodes City, on Vrettakou str. (a by-road of Rhodos-Lindos highway), make a right turn on the first traffic light, after St. Christopher Church-go straight on, the Museum is on your left. On the outside it looks like an ancient-Greek temple with its Ionic designed columns. It is a micrography of the Parthenon with pediment, which depicts the Titan battle. On its front, stand magnificent, the beautiful statues of Athena, Caryatid, Artemis, Hera, Sphinx. Its mosaic floors inside and the courtyard as well, depict ancient Greek myths. The Melathron is divided into three sections: 1) The Cultural ( ground-floor ) decorated with marble mosaics, wonderful paintings on the ceiling, depicting themes from ancient Greek Mythology. The classical furniture and gold plated maiandros ( fret work ) add to its beauty. 2) The Folklore ( first floor ) is full of traditional household utensils, paintings, Rhodian pottery and costumes etc. 3) The Geological and Mineral exhibit (basement) consisting of 35 showcases of minerals, fossils, volcano and rare rocks, as well as a lot of embalmed fish (200) and animals). The cultural and geological Center of Rhodes has been awarded by UNESCO, The Kapodistrian University of Athens, and THE EUROPEAN SOCIETY of SCIENTISTS, ARTISTS and WRITERS etc. In addition, for comments and for more information, you can visit the international
website TripAdvisor ( search: ΤΟ ΠΟΛΙΤΙΣΜΙΚΟ ΜΕΛΑΘΡΟ ΡΟΔΟΥ ), or the BlogSpot ( www.cultureandgeology.blogspot.com )
Visiting hours 09.00-14.00 and 17.00-20.00 or following an appointment by dialing + 30 2241061285, mobile +30 6934897836


  • Metropol, tel: +30 22410 28400
  • Pallas, tel: +30 22410 24475, +30 22410 70670
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