Meetings, Incentives, Conventions Exhibitions (MICE)

A full member of the European Federation of Conference Towns (EFCT) and the Organization of World Heritage cities, Rhodes offers a safe and peaceful environment, rich in natural beauty and culture tradition, enhancing the spirit of communication.

An ideal “neutral” choice for political meetings, it has hosted major political events on the last fifty years, from the 1948 meeting to establishing the State of Israel, the 1958 meeting of General Costas Grivas and Archbishop Makarios, followed by the Cyprus declaration of Independence, the meeting of the then Greek Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis and Marshal Tito, on the same year, in order to settle problems between the two countries, to more recent events, such as the 1988 Summit of EU Prime Ministers, the World Convention of Conservative Democratic Parties and the 1st World Conference on Tourism, Employment & Development, held on the same year.

Apart from the political events, Rhodes is a favorite choice for international scientific conferences, such as the 1990 2nd International Meeting of Bacterial Epidemiological markets, the 1994 1st International Congress of Hormones, Brain and Neuro-psycho-pharmacology, the 1st Mediterranean Congress of International Diagnosis of Thorax Disease and the 1998 16th World Congress of the International Society for Heart Research.

Moreover, major conventions of international interest have been held in the field of technology, such as the 1998 European Association for Signal Processing and the 1996 3rd International Circuits Electronic Convention. Events regarding culture and sports like the 1997 4th International Symposium on the Conservation of Monuments and the 1996 World Bridge Olympiad, have also been held, as well as events concerning economics, such as the 1994 9th Assembly of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce & Industry.

It is worth noting that multinational companies in every field of activity (ALCATEL, FORD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, AVIS, BARCLAYS BANK, BAYER, CANON, COCA-COLA, IBM, LAURA ASHLEY, to name just a few) have organized their corporate meetings and incentives in Rhodes.

Providing fully equipped convention halls in modern hotels (11,500 conference seats), the island of Rhodes is rightfully “in the chair” of meeting destinations, offering all it takes in order to convene and confer in style.

Rhodes MICE Presentation:

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