What makes Rhodes one of the most Romantic Greek Islands?

Greek islands are renowned worldwide for being among the most romantic destinations. But if there is one island that combines perfectly all of the elements desired for a romantic getaway, then that is undoubtedly the Island of the Sun…

But what makes Rhodes so special?

Lindos, Rhodes

The ingredients necessary for the perfect romantic trip might be different for everyone. For some it may consist of endless walks in fuchsia bougainvillea-filled streets. For some it may be a secluded beach or a luxurious dinner with a view to the Aegean sea. For some it may even be an adventure in the hot summer scenery. But whatever romance may be to you, trust that Rhodes can offer it and more…

Due to its blend of amazing historic monuments and idyllic golden beaches, Rhodes is one of the most versatile and popular Greek islands among tourists. But does it have everything a romantic vacation needs? Let’s find out!

The Valley of the Butterflies

Fragrant pine forests, high mountains, spectacular coasts: the island’s landscape is diverse and full of beauty. Sun-kissed natural landscape in which quaint villages, ancient castles, monasteries and churches hide, make for an ideal area for romantic walks. The Valley of the Butterflies offers leisurely hikes for two along trails and wooden bridges alongside crystal-clear waterfalls and ponds full of water lilies. The seven springs near the village of Archangelos lure in the midst of fragrant pine groves, while the wetland around the Apolakkia Dam, the Fasouli Psinthos springs or the Rodini Park give you a taste of paradise. 

View of the coastline from above
View of the Rhodian coastline from above

In addition to the great nature, what makes Rhodes so romantic is also the dream beaches and the sparkling blue sea, over which the sun shines more than 3000 hours a year!

Because the mountains of the island partly reach down to the sea, in addition to wide sandy beaches there are also many bays and pebble beaches – some quiet and tranquil, others with offers such as jet ski and pedal boat rentals or opportunities for snorkeling and diving. Relaxed bathing is possible everywhere.

Psaropoula beach Sunset
Psaropoula beach Sunset

Nothing is more romantic than a sunset! Rhodes wasn’t named the Island of the Sun by accident… Among the more than 300 days of sunshine a year, Rhodes offers equivalent idyllic sunsets worthy of a painting… What more suiting way to let the day behind you and welcome the night by sitting comfortably and let the sun drift you away while setting in a feast of colors that warm your heart?

St. Paul’s Gate

Anyone strolling through the historic center of Rhodes Town will be amazed by the traces of its great history. It is not without reason that the old town is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Every historic civilization has been here: the ancient Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines, followed by the Order of St. John, the Ottomans and the Italians. Strolling through the streets is like walking through a museum of history and architecture!

The mighty Grand Master’s Palace will transfer you to the most romantic of times, the archaeological sites and monuments of Lindos and Kamiros will make for a unique exploration, while the historic thermal baths of Kallithea are ideal for a romantic getaway.


Anyone who thinks that Rhodes is only for nature and culture lovers is very wrong… The famous Greek Philoxenia (hospitality) also applies to night owls. From trendy music cafés to cult bars and vibrant clubs to the stylish casino, everything is on offer and everyone can turn night into day here! The largest selection is of course in Rhodes Town: in the vicinity of the port, for example, there are all sorts of traditional bars and taverns, while in the new town anyone can dance the night away in discos and nightclubs. And of course it wouldn’t be a full experience without the luxurious accommodations and hotels you can choose from…

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