Rhodes, located at the crossroad of three continents, is known since antiquity as the meeting point of different people and cultures, and today one of the top marine tourism destinations of Southeast Europe. As one of the most popular Greek tourist destinations and major attraction for visitors from around the world, Rhodes also manages a steady stream of luxury yachts “island – hopping” around the Mediterranean. Factors such as the Mediterranean climate, the diversity of the seas, the sunshine and the varied landscape, make it the ideal place to develop marine tourism and particularly rental services of pleasure boats. Moreover, the ideal climate conditions, favor the development of service facilities for yachts.

The Rhodian seas are quite an attractive playground for new and experienced sailing lovers alike. The countless mythical coves and untouched by modern civilization, beaches, which are only accessible by boat, give you a richly rewarding experience. A sailing boat can be your floating base for many other summer activities such as fishing, diving and windsurfing. And if you get tired of the sea and want to feel the land under your feet, all you need to do is head your boat towards the nearest bay or harbor. One of the great advantages of vacationing by sailboat is avoiding the crowds and the hassle of long ferryboat rides. This way, in the serene atmosphere of the island and experience being local, as you mingle with the islanders in tavérnas and in “kafeneía”, and become part of the true “Island culture”.

* An insider’s tip: the best period for those who wish to sail during winter, is the “Alkyonides” days, the so-called “short summer”, in the middle of January. This is a good time to appreciate the beauty of stunning seascapes, picturesque villages, archaeological sites, and wonderful pine-clad landscapes.

For the chartered yacht enthusiasts, Rhodes city has already 3 harbors and a new Marina http://www.rhodesmarinas.com

Ν 36o 26’16” | Ε 28o 14’26”
VHF Channel:71 Tel. +30 2241 440970


The Rhodes Marina is an elegant community near the Medieval Town of Rhodes, and one of the most attractive locations on the island, all the year round. The modern yacht facilities, along with the recreational and promenade areas, offer getaway moments for both the Rhodians and visitors of the island.

  • A safe and functional base for as long as the clients choose to stay. An excellent starting point for traveling all over the Aegean and the Mediterranean sea
  • The Marina also provides a shipyard and a dry dock, with an ultra-modern control tower, ensuring constant monitoring (24/7), as well as integrated management of the facilities
  • The new Rhodes Marina currently features 382 boat berths, with a view to be increased to 563
  • The docking is done with the use of specific instruments and specialized staff, setting the guests free of hassle and dangers
  • A Marina which can accommodate the high level demands of Mega Yacht owners, providing infrastructure and high quality services, such as an operating depth of 5 to 6.50 meters, depending on the size of the moored yacht
  • The only Marina in Greece, which can accommodate up to 120 meters yachts

Rhodes, easily accessible all year round, offers everything a visitor could ask for. The International Airport, serving millions of visitors from all over the world, is only thirty minutes away, with the main commercial port, having regular and frequent ferry itineraries, located right next to the Marina.

The Marina plot covers 118,800m2 land, of which, only the 22,745.42 m2 are occupied with buildings, allowing the remaining for walking, recreation and green spaces. All buildings are of a low height, do not obstruct the view and designed in harmony with the environment. The architecture of the facilities is inspired by the medieval city of Rhodes.

  • Spacious parking facilities, guarded 24/7
  • Parking is not allowed at the docks. Electric cars upon request are used for clientele and boat personnel transportation, to and from the boat.
  • Access to certain designated dock areas is permitted only to authorized card holders, due to security reasons


The Rhodes Marina has an integrated electronic system, used for the central monitoring, security and controlling of the facilities, both in land and sea.
The other two major harbors serve cargo and cruise ships, Kalona harbor is for private yachts and Mandraki harbor for small yachts and commercial boat trips. Mandraki, being the most picturesque harbor of them all, is surrounded by the impressive fortress walls of the medieval town.
A circumnavigation of Rhodes Island would reveal the plethora of beautiful spots there are to be seen. Moving to the southern tip of the island, one will enjoy visiting the picturesque villages of Lindos and Kiotari.
The island yachting companies provide related services and cruises to the most inaccessible places and beaches, as well as to the other neighboring islands of the Dodecanese, such as Symi, Chalki, Kastelorizo and of course the Volcanic island of Nysiros and the famous island of Kos.
At the Marina of Angels, located opposite the Palace of the Master of the Knights, Experienced yacht charter agents can help with choosing a luxury motor or sailing yacht and make one’s yachting dreams come true.
*Rhodes is regarded worldwide, as a destination which provides a safe and pleasant stay


KRONOS TRAVEL Rhodes Katerina Papageorgopoulou +302241078407 +306972032034 kronosrh@otenet.gr
ALFA MARITIME Rhodes Kassed Harb info@alfamaritime.net
RODITIS YACHTING AGENCY Rhodes Michalis Roditis +302241037101 +306974447720 roditisyachting@gmail.com
Symi Michalis Roditis +302241037101 +306974447720 roditisyachting@gmail.com
RPS AGENTS Rhodes Nikolaos Psilakis info@rpsagents.gr
SKYMARINE Rhodes Giannis Roditis skymarine.rhodes@gmail.com
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